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XDS-6C Confocal Box

Lasers and detectors Integrated with four light sources and laser detectors (405nm,488nm,561nm,640nm), single port light fiber output. The compact design in the microscope saves spaces for the confocal system, the inner integrated AOTF module can make fast and efficient selection of wavelength and power. For the signal detection, XDS-6C model microscope is equipped with four PMT (photomultiplier tube) detectors, which can make high sensitivity detection on fluorescent signal. The four detection signals carry on automatic fluorescence dye and synthesize the fluorescence image according to the wavelength of the excitation, offering real-time and multi-channel detection and display.

XDS-6C NOMIS Advanced C software

NOMIS Advanced C professional confocal image analysis software Just one click on the system can generate you one high resolution image. The software will automatically calculate the size of the hole according to the numerical aperture, exposure value and scanning range of the objective for the best SNR microscopic image. At the same time, noise reduction algorithm is applied to remove the background noise, elevating the image quality. Multi-channel images are collected and synthesized simultaneously, which makes it convenient for customers to realize real-time observation on multi-channel dyeing of the samples. By setting the top position, bottom position and motion interval, XDS-6C model can make automatic Z-stack acquisition of the electronic Z axis, and generate 3D model images. This microscopy provides full electric auto control interface: Electric nospeiece, electric fluorescent cube, electric condenser, electric platform control and auto focusing mechanism. Users’ interested area can be located soon by software, and marked which offers a short cut for repeating operation.

XDS-6C Laser Confocal Microscope

MIC TECH XDS-6C LASER CONFOCAL INVERTED FLUORSECENT MICROSCOPE Signal detection With MIC TECH’s excellent microscope optical system, high efficiency scanning head, detector and stepless speed change electric pinhole, this microscope offers fast, stable and high SNR confocal image. Multi channel signal detection Integrated with four light sources and detectors (405nm,488nm,561nm,640nm) and four fluorescence light combination technology, a real-time&multi-channel combination microscope image observation and capture are obtained.