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A-2I biological microscope

  1. UCIS Infinity Independent Achromatic Optical System
  2. WF10x20 Plan Eyepieces
  3. 52-75mm 48-75mm Interpupillary Distance Settings, ±5 Diopter Adjustment
  4. Quadruple Nosepiece Inward Facing with Positive Click Stops
  5. Infinity Plan Achromatic 4x, 10x, 40x(S) and 100x (S/Oil) Objectives
  6. Right Hand Controls, Low Position, Mechanical Stage, 142mm x 135mm, Movement Range 76mm x 52mm
  7. Coaxial Coarse and Fine Focus Mechanism with Markings on Knobs. Fine Focus Sensitivity 0.001mm
  8. 6v 20w Halogen or 3W LED Illumination, 110-240V Wide Voltage
  9. Dust Cover, Clear Blue Filter, Power Cord, Immersion Oil
Optional Accessory: Phase-Contrast: Centering Telescope; Phase-contrast Objectives(Positive & Negative); Phase-Contrast Slide/ Phase Contrast Condenser Dark Field: Dark-field Condenser(Oil/Dry); Dark-field Slide, Dark Field Condenser Simplified Polarization: Analyzer Slide; Polarizer Slide Packing: Foam + Carton (490*490*320mm) Gross Weight: 12.5kg

MIC-1000if Fluorsecent Microscope

Compound Fluorescent Microscope Newly designed compound lab microscope, high quality, super big stage Kohler illumination

MIC-HD 5MP HDMI microscope camera

5MP CMOS HDMI Microscope camera SD camera Professional microscope software With the new 1/2.5-inch 5 Megapixel CMOS sensor, the new HD Lite color camera delivers more faithful, clear images. HD Lite can be connected to a monitor with HDMI port directly and users can operate it easily. Compared to the traditional cooled CCD, HD Lite improves the image data transfer efficiency up to 400%. HD Lite can bring you the most stunning color reproduction. Clearer images and Perfect Color Reproduction

XDS-1B Inverted Biological Microscope

Inverted Biological Microscope Long Working Distance Finite/Infinite Clinical/Laboratory

YM-1 Metallographic Sample Pre-grinder

YM-1 Metallographic Sample Pre-grinder